This song it starts on E, moving swiftly to C
through the G to the D, and on to the A
which is where it will stay, until one day
it comes off on the F

2nd verse is much the same as the first
I'm just repeating the words, I'm just repeating the words
I'm breaking melody with a rhythm, with arhythm
B piece, be at peace, need sweet release
from these pocket book psychologies

but luckily it's looking like

here comes the outro
there goes the outro
there it's gone


from Lily White Eyes To The Skies Over La La Land, released December 8, 2010
Additional electric guitar - Peter Albrectsen




Atlastop Copenhagen, Denmark

We're a four piece band based in Copenhagen, who like to do audio experiments, which sometimes get blogged and othertimes become songs

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