all the monsters under your bed
they can`t breathe without you
all the silences that I have said
they can`t believe themselves true

there are two kinds of people
but they all have different names
one is soft in arguement
while the other's not to blame
for the way the world is
is the way the world is
and never talk to strangers
though everyone is
at some point

so I see the red turn blue
and watch it through your window
like the toys spread in your room
they can`t move without you

sandman's creeping
I`m mad you coz you were sleeping
in the middle of the night
I'm right beside you dreaming


from Lily White Eyes To The Skies Over La La Land, released December 8, 2010




Atlastop Copenhagen, Denmark

We're a four piece band based in Copenhagen, who like to do audio experiments, which sometimes get blogged and othertimes become songs

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