famer bob is such a son of a bitch
we'd like to shove him in a fridge for the fun of it
but first we'll take him out and cut him to mince
or maybe milk him half to death
so he'll see how it is

sure it's bob who feeds us
and puts a roof over our heads
but the pig pen is a pigsty
and the battery for the hens
is as run down as the cow shed
where we're just tired of all his bull shit
but the final straw was when we saw that
he's been stealing our kids

the hens were laying plans
the cow were mulling them over
the pigs were at first sceptical
but then they came on over

we surprised bob in the barn
and ran him through the yard
we trapped bob in his car
but then came his friend rover

after that bob wasn't just mad
he put all the pigs in a pot
while the chickens got the chop
daisy's fate was not much better than this
bob put her in a cage
and hooked machines up to her tits

so that days revolution didn't quite stick
but at least the Rooster wound up as McNuggets
that made everyone sick
everyone sick


from Lily White Eyes To The Skies Over La La Land, released December 8, 2010




Atlastop Copenhagen, Denmark

We're a four piece band based in Copenhagen, who like to do audio experiments, which sometimes get blogged and othertimes become songs

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