Lily White Eyes To The Skies Over La La Land

by Atlastop

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Atlastop hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. We play banjo like a laptop, ukulele like a bass, vocals like a synth and beats like digits. All in order to spin songs that combine the power of naivety with the boredom of sophistication.


released December 8, 2010

Written, recorded and produced by Atlastop

Atlastop are:
Martin Yam Møller, Jonas Graverholt, Rasmus Rune Larsen, Haukur Hrafn Thorsteinsson

Mastered by Morten Bue at Audioplanet
Mixed by Jonas Graverholt
Artwork by Christian Elovara Dinesen




Atlastop Copenhagen, Denmark

We're a four piece band based in Copenhagen, who like to do audio experiments, which sometimes get blogged and othertimes become songs

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Track Name: Why Are These Sweets So Bitter?
why are these sweets so bitter?
what are the dreams of the sleepless?
how do the birds know, where to go?
when is it time to hear where time goes?

I dunno, but lately
these questions have been bothering me
I'm not sure, succintly
the answers to any of these puzzles

where does the earth go round?
when the sun goes down?
if A is to B, then who is there to C the tree fall
could all the answers ever outnumber their questions

I dunno, but lately
these questions have been bothering me
I'm not sure, but basically
only prisons can set you completely free

time is melting and clocks are running out
of what are clocks running? and what are they running from?
space is tilting and staggering about
places are switching, but the switches are flipping
coz shapes that are ripping, like spaceships go slipping for tourists that are tripping
on balloons that are dropping, but the anchors are wafting

I dunno these questions have been bothering me
Track Name: This Song
This song it starts on E, moving swiftly to C
through the G to the D, and on to the A
which is where it will stay, until one day
it comes off on the F

2nd verse is much the same as the first
I'm just repeating the words, I'm just repeating the words
I'm breaking melody with a rhythm, with arhythm
B piece, be at peace, need sweet release
from these pocket book psychologies

but luckily it's looking like

here comes the outro
there goes the outro
there it's gone
Track Name: Furthermores and Farewells
in a minute I'll be right down
kinda wishing it was right now
it's funny how, everything seems to be down

so I spent a little time
cultivating my sense of denial
furthermores and farewell

soon I'll be there gone
same as everyone
smiles in through the sun
smiling at everyone
Track Name: Where is my concentration?
where is my concentration?
when I need it the most
there goes my circular thoughts
with what's left of the whole

sanity meant nothing to me
with a smile it went away
that's ok, coz I much prefer the thoughts I have today

today went ok, today felt ok
from the thoughts I had anyway

there goes my concentration
oh I need it the most

today... went ok, today felt ok
from the thoughts I had anyway
Track Name: See The Horizon
see the horizon
planes on the sky and
the sun is shining
following the lines and

slipping through sand
gone where no one can

time to kill time
before time it's killing you

like a bee stuck in window
I don't understand
and I just want to go home
Track Name: Blues Skies
blues skies are crawling along
and I can see them all from my window
it's all good

horizons have been opening up
this you might not see
coz it's so damn slow, yeah it's so slow

lately you've got me all wrong
I might want to take you on a journey
through the stars
behind heavens

behind the evergreens there is a message screen
it will tell you how to deal with your dark days
bouncing a long on the wisdom of trees
don't you worry they always know best
Track Name: Threnody to melody
let's take some time to forget
the death of poetry
as I see poetry
coz poetry takes time
and time is money
it's mine
this money it's mine

let's drink this wine and ferment
the silence that may yet
lead to violence that we need
that we plead

so you feel elated
so what
Track Name: Farmer Bob
famer bob is such a son of a bitch
we'd like to shove him in a fridge for the fun of it
but first we'll take him out and cut him to mince
or maybe milk him half to death
so he'll see how it is

sure it's bob who feeds us
and puts a roof over our heads
but the pig pen is a pigsty
and the battery for the hens
is as run down as the cow shed
where we're just tired of all his bull shit
but the final straw was when we saw that
he's been stealing our kids

the hens were laying plans
the cow were mulling them over
the pigs were at first sceptical
but then they came on over

we surprised bob in the barn
and ran him through the yard
we trapped bob in his car
but then came his friend rover

after that bob wasn't just mad
he put all the pigs in a pot
while the chickens got the chop
daisy's fate was not much better than this
bob put her in a cage
and hooked machines up to her tits

so that days revolution didn't quite stick
but at least the Rooster wound up as McNuggets
that made everyone sick
everyone sick
Track Name: Little Monster Lullaby
all the monsters under your bed
they can`t breathe without you
all the silences that I have said
they can`t believe themselves true

there are two kinds of people
but they all have different names
one is soft in arguement
while the other's not to blame
for the way the world is
is the way the world is
and never talk to strangers
though everyone is
at some point

so I see the red turn blue
and watch it through your window
like the toys spread in your room
they can`t move without you

sandman's creeping
I`m mad you coz you were sleeping
in the middle of the night
I'm right beside you dreaming